Fall 2019: This is has been so lovely. Signing up the 5th cohort !!!

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Write, Witness, Observe, Share, Individual & Collective Knowing

Below is a description of Love fueling this course: 

Love is that domain of relational behaviours in which the other arises as a legitimate other in coexistence with oneself
— Humberto R. Maturana

Emergence: Your Originality is Your Sovereignty 

This is a 6 week online gathering focused on cultivating a culture “being” and listening into silences. It is structured so participants listen to their bodies, and support each other in a reflective writing practice using the proprioceptive question. Format: 30 minutes check in, 30 minutes discussion, 25 minute Write.


This course creates a safe place for:  

  • your full expression

  • cultivation of innate wisdom and skills

  • your orginality :) which is essential in cultivating meaningful & purposeful living


More Info:

Contact me for 6 week syllabus.

COST: By donation, this is a fundraiser and prototype programming for The Dragon Institute, which is part of my thesis project through SelfDesign Graduate Institute.

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