Visions + Projects + Collaborations

Community building takes many forms. Below are projects and prototypes in different stages of development. Do not hesitate in reaching out.

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The Dragon Institute 

The Dragon Institute helps cultivate a culture of peace - through  learning programs, training peace catylists, and creating peace missions .  The Dragon Institute reconciles the past and the future so that the present moment in the individual and collective imagination redefines what it means to be a creature in the biophysical system called the earth. 



Mariposa House 

When I moved into this space I knew the house would influence me.  A garage apartment nestled  behind a main house, large pecan trees, huge agaves, a large patio, a spiral stair case, and a hidden room inspired me to make the home into a haven. It has provided room for several events, Mermaid Nights featured poet David Jewell and piano playing from Vanessa Cabrales, Community Dialogue on Racism, Open House for rejuvenation hosted by Allyssa Milan - the brains behind anchoring Mariposa vision into words, Tea Ceremony honoring death, are examples of the events hosted to purposefully cultivate intimacy, transformation,  and rejuvenation.


Mariposa house is a safe space for womyn in transition to be, breathe, and build bridges. it is a service-centered crossroads for our community to explore:

imagination, art, & creativity
spirituality, mystery, magic & mysticism
relationship with self, community, & culture

We are re-imagining the home environment as ideal space for organizing, and homemaking and community weaving as revolutionary action.





Attic Imaginarium Case Studies

teacher becomes guide and student becomes learner

Children and young adults are encouraged to ask questions that are most intriguing to them. Guides stand at their side and offer support to deepen their understanding. Guideships are designed to encourage learners to trust their instincts and curiosities. Skills of critical thinking and observation are honed and feelings of wonder and personal satisfaction emerge for the learner. The guide becomes acquainted with learners strengths and talents and helps design activities to encourage a balance of excellence and rigor with play and spontaneity. Learners love learning.