The not so short version of a long story.

As a child, in elementary I started massaging my family for cents. They pressed me to increase my asking price,  but I could never seem to wrap my head around trying to gain more just for gaining more. That was probably one of the first expressions as a healer.

Otherwise I spent my days in school. Not really getting math but generally always open and wanting to learn. If you observe little children they get SUCH A KICK out of exploring and synthesizing the world around them. Modern education does a good job zapping that out of kids. 

By the time high school rolled around I didn't care about learning. I was generally apathetic. College was similar. I guess the goal was to get an A? Really? Life is about that?

Regardless, an under current of social justice lived deeply within my psyche. I attribute that to having immigrant parents that risked and worked so hard to give me and my sister better opportunities. And also, being a woman. 

That karmic soul unfolding started. I met with a psychic which led to a conversation with a soul sister that led me to a healer. An energy worker who heals through love. This was pretty cool to me. You see, there was something I yearned for, and I'm convinced most people's hearts long for, a deep sacred connection with the world around them. And that, I allowed myself. 

(by the way, that healer/teacher called me as I was writing this). :)

I snapped out of the hamster wheel and I realized I needed to follow another tune. The primal force of divinity itself. 

This was very difficult for me. Though I may seem like a rebel, I am obedient to benevolent forces, including my family. However, a new melody beckoned me. I hurt my family in the process but I had to tune out their voices, to hear something else - to learn through experience - which is something modern schooling denies.

 I went off the beaten path. Transformation occurs when we venture off to new territory: love, truth, and trust become our  supporting angels. 

Synchronities, Coincidences. When we ride the waves of chaos the world realigns around us with a new soul vibration. If we allow ourselves to feel our hearts, a sense of beauty encompasses all pain and all delight. Presence, calm, equilibrium we strive for. 

Through meditation I became more intune (and by all means the work is NEVER done) more sensitive to the energies that flowed throughout and outside my body. It becomes so obvious that as we uncover our gifts, they are to be shared and given to others. When our bodies light up with love and and divine pleasure.. well to give just feels so natural. 

Our natural way is to give.

Receive and give.

Ebbs and flows.

A melody

A rhythm

A cosmic dance.  



Vanessa Cabrales Alzate is currently enrolled through Self Design Graduate Institute, pursuing a Masters in Self Design with a focus on integral education. She pursues this education to help children and young adults tap into their soul gifts so they can start designing their life path through her program, The Outlet Program. She is a council member at a beautiful non-profit, Alma de Mujer Center for Social Change. Her work is focused on healing womanhood and mother earth and promote the importance of collaboration across generations. She currently teaches yoga in public and private classes and is certified through Sacred Roots Yoga School. She is trained in Radiant Child Yoga and is completing a mentorship certification through Journey of a Young Woman. She teaches piano and music full time to a lovely group of students that continuously inspire her to become a better a teacher. Her pets, family, friends, community, and dance help keep a bounce to her step.