We live in, as Jean Houston reminds us, the most amazing time in known human history. The long, slow trek in the evolution of human consciousness over the past 190,000 years has become a sprint and it continues to accelerate, as our communication technologies become increasingly ubiquitous, miniaturized, and cheap, at least in the calculus of the capitalist marketplace. There are more than five billion cell phone accounts on the planet now, with thousands more added every day. While this onrush of communication from more complex consciousness provokes reactionary, sometimes violent responses from many fundamentalists who, often unconsciously, perceive the limited future of their belief structure, the young in every society on the planet gain new and direct exposure to complexity, multiplicity, and direct connection with "the other." The cell phone and the Internet are a planetary consciousness virus, with a particular attraction for the young.

"A New Planetary Civilization" by David Marshark, read more here