Vanessa "Mariposa" Cabrales is a multi-passionate visionary and researcher, teacher, guide, meditator yogi, culture curator, designer, and dreamweaver.  She was born in Caracas, Venezuela to Colombian parents, and raised in Texas in land referred to as Turtle Island by indigenous communities. Magical Realism lives in her veins.  She uses creative works - musical compositions, modeling, and visual art to "paint" an ethereal world where we are challenged to move through the Veil and our fixed identities. Here, in liminal spaces of change and transformation we greet a numinous animated and living world full of possibility where the mundane and sacred intersect. She uses autoethnography as a method in her art and academic work to investigate Ancientist Futurism and its ancestral planetary implications. In a digitalized age accessed by only some members of the earth community, how do we reclaim our feral wisdom? What are the responsibilities as designers & culture curators of communities? Join her on her journey in returning to the Earth's wisdom as an organic living system - a planetary dream assisting in the fulfillment of everyone's purpose.