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Reading is good for you!

Reading is good for you!

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At the heart of this course is cultivating "beingness" and reflection and growth. We'll use writing as a method to hone discipline, generate insight, and observe personal growth. Referred to as "Writes" they give you freedom to explore - these will be private. We'll do an example the first meeting date or you can get a head start and read its description in the course guide.  Concerned of not being a good writer? Read the last sentence of the document, Introduction to Writes in course guide. ;) 

This is an experiment of bringing you, on the spot insight and learning, and cultivating being and inner silence in the context of a conversational group setting. 

 The culture of the "future" is where self renewing communities are willing to witness each other, to learn, and to grow, and entertain personal and collective possibility and imagination. 

In efforts to be a data driven experiment  - I'll ask you to answer a few survey monkey questions at the end of the course.

Bootstrapping Efforts 

You being present IS your act of generosity. Please know that I acknowledge this. Donations are welcome at the beginning, middle, or end of course.

This is a repeating course for 2018 as part of the bootstrapping efforts for the DI.  I care most about launching these examples for future sponsorships. Have an idea of a course you would like to lead?  Let's talk. Want to learn more about the non-profit? Click here