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Chronicling the process of emergence through a year's cycle

I'm having fun with possibilities available through interfacing with a website. Below is a post shared on Facebook speaking to the transitions of how I will share in 2018.

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A personal post for all my loved ones!!



<3 I can't believe this picture was taken 4 years ago!!! So much changes and so much stays the same. <3 <3 <3 Every year, at the turning to another year I've always wanted something general - releasing something old and inviting something new. This time though, as I look at 2017, I see pretty clearly what 2018 is for me. Its time for me to move from the shadows and periphery and to share words that weave together experiences of years spent between solitude and socializing + new adventures and explorations that tug at my soul this very moment. Chrysalis News. (read at the end for more info). 

My close friends that follow my unfoldments know of my connection with butterflies. When speaking of the change we want to see around the globe down to what we see outside our front doors and inside our homes, I think what we really mean is transformation. Change is exciting and gets people rallied- for a moment. But transformation is the real stuff -it is science, it is art, requires skill, rigor, discernment and yeah, play. Transformation means you follow through with that one change, and then the other, and the other, many many moments continuously kicking your butt evolving your awareness of self and others. Me, I don't see any way around it. We need transformation - in a societal scale - in a global scale. So I work on myself in ways that are unique to me. And I *try* to be real with what I can do and what I cannot. I've had to develop a relationship with Transformation. The tenacity and trust of a caterpillar, the mystery of the chrysalis, the glamour of the wings. 

Butterfly. Mariposa. 

Over the past few years I've been involved in a graduate program that is pretty incredible with meeting you where you're at (I'm finally at thesis stage!). A couple of things have emerged that I want to share: 

First, is the development of an idea informed by many deeply personal experiences - "ancientism and futurism" - a philiosophy, an art, a science, a "spiritual" way of being that takes into account the processes set in motion by our ancestors and the wisdom that is available to us right now guiding us individually and collectively towards possible futures - ideally futures in which there is sovereignty for all peoples. 

This informs a course I've designed, "Your Originality is your Sovereignty" its part of my pushback of people telling you what to do/ believe + modeled by the way these professors have held space for my watery, ambiguous wisdom to emerge. I want to do this for you. This is part of my thesis work, as I see studying and articulating how we navigate liminal spaces - individually and as community is essential toward imagining these possible new futures. More info at - This course is a prototype example of the third endeavor:

The Dragon Institute is in the process of becoming a formal 501c3 -(the board is tagged). The purpose of this institute is to cultivate emergent and established leaders into deeper wisdom and synergize with a network of communities through learning programs and curated experiences. I see it as a game changer, an organization with actions steps that consider generations into the future. Here, I follow the dragon totem, and y'all the wings here are different;). 

Chrysalis News

In efforts of transparency and sharing, I'll be chronicling these explorations, discoveries, musings, and collaborations through my blog at and a newsletter. They showcase the work named above but also my journey as a "creature" in love with the patterned anomalies of my life. 

PM your email so that I may include you in the newsletter in which I'm happily calling Chrysalis News - sent out about every 7 weeks:). :D

I hope everyone's new years is sprinkled with sparkles and thank you to every single one of you who have personally helped in the fruition of this stage of work - by sharing yourself I've been able to access Myself - and especially to the ladies at Mariposa house who's flavor of magic have assisted me so much  Angel Marie RussellTricia StorieJennifer Genevieve MonroigAllyssa MilánStephanie Rodriguez.  <3 :* xoxoxo

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