Do explorers ever have a destination in mind? Sure we have targets but they are moving targets. If you're keen to it and oddly confident about it, there’s a sense of being lost yet on course. Perhaps its fool's faith or crone's faith. 

I'm not sure which, so I'll take both. :) 



Deep exploration requires passion. I am amazed at its ability to destroy and yield creativity and abundance. A period of intense destruction in my life yielded so many fruits. "Follow the gold links" was a guiding chant. Later the earth started to become animated. Later music emerged from my finger tips. Later the butterfly came to me in a period of despair. Later the tea plant spirit came to sooth and encourage. 

Tilling our souls 

I am deeply unhappy of economic, political, and education systems (to name a few) - that create societies made up of ghosts, hamsters on wheels, slaves, and charlatans, to name a few expressions of oppression -  wearing human skin yet not really "humaning."

Power dynamics, suppression, and oppression are barbaric in possible timelines of the future. Timelines intrinsically experienced through our imagination. Yet to cultivate this imagination requires the type of exploration that turns the soul over and over and over again. A dedicated passion helps integrate insights into new forms and to release the old. 

Think of the tilled and fertile soil yielding fruits.  Creating change requires passion - it is a state of being not to be feared. Knowing our intrinsic flux and flows and moments of chaos and discernment is part of humaning.  Reason aides in stillness and passion helps in the building and creation of new forms as much as it aides in the destruction of old forms - ideally we destroy old forms out of our own dicerment and will instead of waiting for the "rug" to be pulled out from underneath us. 

Humaning with passion towards purpose 

I emphasize a range of intellectual and physical passions. Maintaining a rich immersion with our bodies and intellectual flames means everything for our evolving stories of humaning. I use this term to point to the fact we have to engage with what being human is all about amongst the static that exists internally and externally distracting us of the unfolding awareness and knowledge guiding us to incredible sensitivities and perceptions. 

I wanted transformative change many years ago. I could feel it when I was an undergraduate. Later, I dropped out of a graduate program in social work and that's where the real reckoning began. 

As layers of my identity softened and sloughed off I became more sensitive to imagery, visions, and creativity. I let myself feel lost yet trusted a new story was being written. With peace, I'm happy to stay where I am, a passionate explorer who's learned a skill or two and lives daily with surrealism and observance of subconscious forms. Life is emanating with wisdom, glittering and shimmering. Its gorgeous.  

I offer below some aspects of deep exploration that reveals a level of passion that I personally had to go through. It's not for everyone, but if a caterpillar is to change its form entirely, it must do so with a level of passionate fierceness to destroy and create. I also emphasize the slowness of tenderness and softness of curiosity as aspects of deep exploration as well. 

Let's be real tips

  • Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. To live like it is is to surround yourself with walls. How thick those walls are depends on how thick your fears are. This isn't a necessarily carpe diem perspective either, there's a sense of a type of fervour that may edge toward blindness this may evoke. With tomorrow not guaranteed, I'm just not interested in living any other life that is not my own and getting caught up in projects that are here for the short term. Its part of the reason why I can immerse myself into ancientism and futurism. 
  • You’ll stop on your tracks. Your heart will drop. You’ll be paralyzed. Perhaps many times over and over again. I think subconsciously knowing we might have moments like this before a change sabotages us. Facing ourselves is difficult but necessary to live with a particular type of purpose deep exploration encourages. This paralysis is part  questing - the type of questing that seeks knowledge, enlightenment, waking up of deep soul yearnings and purpose. Eventually though paralysis gives way to graceful and contemplative stillness. There's a teaching about a monk that dunks his student's head under water - the lesson is that he should seek enlightenment as much he desires air. Below is guidance recieved and a prayer evoked during a period of intense change in my journey. 

Dear Hero,

Out over there and here is a maze,

a labyrinth. If you're steady and true

you'll find

a blade

drenched in golden hymns...

sung by angels of death,

sung by angels of birth...

And though you can plunge that damned blade into your heart a thousand times over you cannot not die but live more fiercely. Trust. Faith. A beating pulse that shatters everything that cannot stand true against it. 

Dear god, remind me to be tender and soft, the roots of my innocence restored and perfect, ready to offer all of myself to you. 

Wink and laugh my love, Wink and laugh. 

  • Lastly, there are powerful moments when a destination is reached. It isn’t necessarily a location, it could be a person, a piece of music, a conversation, a landscape. These moments are to be cherished and exalted. These are moments where threads of understanding shape life's tapestry. This is the salve of grace and beauty. 

To acquaint ourselves with passion we need an explorer's attitude. Getting out of our comfort zones is a must. Adventures await - they singe you just as much as they illuminate you. Ultimately by adopting a lifestyle of journeying, we experience humaning at a deep and authentic level, free from scripts designed to oppress versus liberate.

Explorers are lost yet on course...