There’s been two gong fu cha style tea sits, one from March and one from April that has positioned me in a place of affirming the importance of coming together and healing our collective and individual stories. In one tea sit, focusing on the theme of the Wild Woman Archetype at a LOVEATX campout we were able to invite the presence of our predecessors - our grandmothers and their grandmothers.

A safe place was created so that women could speak to their experiences of trauma. We left the with the experience of healing and witnessing.

Meredith Nile, myself and my pup Misty aka as Miss Tea at the LOVEATX campout. 

Meredith Nile, myself and my pup Misty aka as Miss Tea at the LOVEATX campout. 

 I had to "step it up" contemplating a sword I have used as a dancing prop that was blessed by Margaret Behan, one of the grandmothers of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.  I contemplated the sword, and her words that this sword was animated and living. To me it is an affirmation that the animate and inanimate world is living and informing us, alive with beingness. This is something I continuously revisit. 

What is essential for planetary shifts in consciousness is the acknowledgement of Wisdom.  Especially the textures of wisdom embodied by indigenous cultures. There is a sense of "undoing" the learning learned from colonization and years of oppression. Undoing our conditioned learning is disorienting but I don’t see any other way to make the massive shifts so many of us feel are necessary to make a dream into reality - societies embodying love and peace - starting of course with ourselves. There is a latent potency inside of ourselves. I know the feeling of restlessness and "doing business as usual" that distracts us from listening to something so rich and alive. I also know how coming together with others on similar paths of personal growth assists us in staying true to that rich aliveness - whether it is painful or joyful. 

The second tea sit was organized with a writers group and two learners from my Your Originality is Your Sovereignty course. The topic was creativity in community. It was general and we appreciated that there wasn’t an agenda but to speak what was arising for us and our learning. The conversations went in so many directions and my general impressions followed up by confirmation was a sense expansiveness and permission for authenticity.

Its my imperative to embody and curate experiences that allow a fluid way of learning to arise

Traditional learning programs have rigid structures. Its my imperative to embody and curate experiences that allow a fluid way of learning to arise. When we follow a rigid structure we ignore the feelings and resonances from the recent argument, the epiphany trying to guide us, the buried hurt, the insight that can only be seen by truly Hearing it from another. The unconscious and subconscious are ignored in traditional learning environments. It is in accessing the unconscious and subconscious that original thoughts and ideas, insights, and integration surface - spontaneously and in rhythm with the personal and unique ways we unfold. Those ways we unfold are mysterious indeed, and I find that acknowledging this is a step toward radical shifts of self awareness and embodiment.

I don’t think we are supposed to do all this learning by ourselves. There is something about making leaps and bounds in our learning by putting down our guards, assumptions, those incessant thoughts streams and instead  Listen and Witness with others (words capitalized to emphasize Importance :)).

Those leaps and bounds? Well that’s what I am really curious about. What’s obvious to me is there are deeply passionate people who want to make the world a better place, for themselves and for others. Yet to go about this through willpower and pre established ideas and notions of how it "should" look like without acknolwedging the present moment is disastrous. Coming together in learning communities offers for us a platform to access some type of knowing that is provocative and desirous  of unpacking. Interestingly enough, it has to do with being highly individual when coming together with others. 

The present moment beckons us to “be”  with all those feelings and emotions that are sometimes dicernable and sometimes not. Yet from here there is so much potency and fertile ground for the new to the emerge. I want to offer a very significant quote from one of my mentor’s (Pille Bunnell) mentor, Humberto Maturana who stated:

The question that we must face is not about the relation of biology with technology, or about the relation between art and technology, nor about the relation between knowledge and reality, nor even about whether or not metadesign shapes our brains.  I think that the question that we must face at this moment of our history is about our desires and about whether we want or not to be responsible of our desires. 

The future arises from us as Pille once expressed in reference to some of Maturana's work and her personal work. It's not up to the next generation but us this very moment, in which other generations learn from. The world is living as Grandmother Margaret emphasized in blessing the sword for peace. In accepting this and the responsibility of our desires - as is the case of many communities who desire for peace and love - we face a world of continual possibilities and beauty and a sense of renewal that transcends age and time and insight to deal with some of the most difficult questions in our lives and communities. To me, tea sits of the gong fu cha style offer a form of a container to feel into these realities.