And the young people went to the elders and pleaded "help us."

The lock opened. 

And the wisdom of centuries beyond time spiraled into their destiny

^ I've been seeking a lot of guidance from mentors and elders. I'm holding on to the idea that planetary healing comes from cooperation across generations. 

The more I've been surrendering and offering myself the more clearly it is becoming apparent where my gifts can be best used. The mirrors, synchronitices, sparkles, and highlights are all pointing toward this direction. 

I'm placing some specific energy around ADHD children and mentally ill. The skill set necessary for these groups requires patience and a willingness to see what personal uncomfortable triggers are... 

If you know anyone or resources doing or "visioning" innovative paradigm shifting work on these topics, (I already have a list, but I trust the signal the blog puts out) send them my way!





  1. regard or treat (someone or something) as psychologically abnormal or unhealthy