I'm going through huge transition. I can't help but feel torn, broken, shredded to a thousand pieces. My heart is raw. This quote ran across my newsfeed on Facebook and I'm so happy and grateful to have run across it.

"Being in transition doesn’t mean you’re broken. It means you’re breaking away from the old, the world that no longer fits you. It may seem as though there are big gaping holes in your life. But it takes some room to spread your wings." - Tama J. Kieves

I'm happy that I've run across it, because no matter how much I've learned to trust and let go- my mind darkens. My heart closes. I see the victim surfacing, I feel resentment and anger mixing into a toxic elixir. The darkness leaves me feeling broken. 

Breaking away means letting go though. It invites new energy into your life. My past experience shows that more grace flows through me when I let go. May I earn all my current and future gray hairs with grace. 

the present moment is all we have