The new caretakers of the Earth will come from the West, and those that have made the greatest impact on Mother Earth now have the moral responsibility to remake their relationship with Her, after remaking themselves ~ don Antonio Morales, a master Q'ero Paqo.

This is part of the Incan prophecy and this prophesied time is here. It is time for us to remake our relationship to our Earth. to change the way we live with Her. For the Condor, the world of the heart, to fly again in the same sky as the Eagle, the world of the mind.

This morning , I open open open my heart and step forward with my heart and mind together to greet the day.. this is the beginning of a life lived in Munay.. this unconditional love accompanied by our conscious will, that is our birthrate.

all my love and no fear i greet this day!

deepest munay to you all.. 
good morning!!!

©2014 the road to Q'eros messages from the Andes.