Yoga is helping me bridge the two worlds. One foot in infinite mystery and creative potential, one foot on grounded land and current moment to moment reality. Learning to intertwine both of them is an art and yoga helps.

Going off the beaten path promises so many jewels for the longing heart. But it is the road less travelled, tough terrain is inevitable, but the opening of the heart, the strengthening of faith and trust  is so damn magical. 

A woman who has uncovered and honors her intimacy with the earth through developing a relationship with nature or through the power within her own body carries a wisdom of infinite mystery and potential.

She moves through life with one foot in a strange ocean, one on the solid land of her ordinary life.

This is not just an idea, but a way to live.

Mystics, artists, and mothers of young children know this ability to be half-absorbed in unnameable creative forces while still attentive to their embodied reality, capable on a moment-to-moment basis of drawing from those deeper forces to create and nourish life around them.
— Hilary Hart, "Body of Wisdom"