i woke up, felt a heavy pressure on my chest, my eyes. I closed my eyes, next thing I knew it was 11:45. Two hours of sitting up and feeling disoriented. There's dishes to clean, a little thing there and there to tidy up. I can't move though. Rather, I choose not to move. I don't know what it is. So. 

I take a shower. Okay.  Breathe.  There's a silence. There's a pressure. Move..

This has been weighing heavily on me. The kids. The children. 

Children are wise if you allow them to be wise. You have to watch for it.. wait for it. And when it pops out you look at them with agreement. That is enough to anchor in the conviction of their own thoughts. And when you're really lucky, it goes on beyond agreement but conversation...

There, the daze is lifted. A kernel of understanding I needed to integrate...

*when we allow ourselves to be, messages come thru that  shape our destiny