The Other Kingdoms

The Other Kingdoms...
Consider the other kingdoms. 
The trees, for example, 
with their mellow-sounding titles: oak, aspen, willow.
Or the snow, for which the peoples of the north
have dozens of words to describe its different arrivals. 
Or the creatures, with their thick fur, 
their shy and wordless gaze. Their
infallible sense of what their lives
are meant to be. Thus the world
grows rich, grows wild, and you too,
grow rich, grow sweetly wild, as you too
were born to be.

Mary Oliver

The desert reflects a soulscape

It is said in the Ruba'iyat:

Oh daylight, rise! atoms are dancing

The souls, lost in ecstasy, are dancing

To your ear, I will tell you where the dance will take you.

All the atoms in the air and in the desert,

Let it be known, are like madmen.

Each atom, happy or miserable,

Is in love with the Sun of which we can say nothing.

Eva de Vitray-Meyerovitch

The hamster part is my favorite

An example of a Rube Goldburg machine. These...machines are named after Rube Goldberg- according to my class syllabus:

Rube Goldberg was an engineer, sculptor, artist and Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist, famous for drawing/inventing absurdly complicated machines to complete simple tasks.  His inventions showcase imaginative uses of ordinary objects, capitalize on the fundamentals of basic physics concepts, especially the domino effect, and satirize our modernist quest for faster, cheaper technology to make our lives “easier.”


And I am currently working on my own machine...


Walls can go "poof poof" and disappear

This photo is special. I remember as this photo was being taken I could sense the malleability of the physical world. I felt my inner dreamscape projected outward. 

We can help each other to create a culture of peace and prosperity. If we allow ourselves to. 

Embrace your own inner abilities and power to create the inner shifts necessary for transformation. Step it up, you can do it.

I am so grateful for all of you that are picking courage and allowing yourselves to be raw vulnerable nerves expressing your unique medicine to friends, family, and community.

 We help each other.

the story of humanity is being rewritten

#love #heal #serve #art #friends #destiny 


The Dreamcatcher Prince

"Dearest, there are worlds within worlds measured by a clock that both exists and doesn't exist."

"Have you heard of Prince Dorian, Dreamcatcher they called him, because he would lay awake at night  wondering about forgotten dreams.  And so he wove a spell of remembrance into the golden threads of time, catching his own dream, the land's dream, the people's dream in infinite colors."

"...What happened to this Dreamcatcher Prince?"

"He became King Dorian Dreamcatcher and gifted his land and people magic."

"Magic is as common as breathing!"

"Not when he was a Prince. But he remembered."

"...tell me about that..."

"He went to a place of mystery... ." 


Time for something cute

Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves — slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future.”
Thich Nat Hahn




something about expressing our talents and strengths is the same thing as discovering what unique medicine we offer


And the young people went to the elders and pleaded "help us."

The lock opened. 

And the wisdom of centuries beyond time spiraled into their destiny

^ I've been seeking a lot of guidance from mentors and elders. I'm holding on to the idea that planetary healing comes from cooperation across generations. 

The more I've been surrendering and offering myself the more clearly it is becoming apparent where my gifts can be best used. The mirrors, synchronitices, sparkles, and highlights are all pointing toward this direction. 

I'm placing some specific energy around ADHD children and mentally ill. The skill set necessary for these groups requires patience and a willingness to see what personal uncomfortable triggers are... 

If you know anyone or resources doing or "visioning" innovative paradigm shifting work on these topics, (I already have a list, but I trust the signal the blog puts out) send them my way!





  1. regard or treat (someone or something) as psychologically abnormal or unhealthy



seeps in the bones

flames lie low

closet door shuts

faeries pull and tug


thru the key hole


Guilt sucks. Not just the skeletons in the closet type but the type that tries to overpower inner beauty, talents, and gifts. Guilty for being radiant? NOT COOL.


Blistering souls soothed by art, healed by love, slapped by truth and thrown in this cycle so many times hysterical laughter follows

go away Maslow

"There are four basic human needs:

To feel safe

To be heard

To be useful

To have fun 

And for humans none of these can truly be accomplished absent other people."

- Gerry C. Starnes. M.Ed. from Spirit Paths, The Quest for Authenticity 

the circle of life stops at my trash can

Cockroaches are no longer rustling near the trash can after we placed some roach booby traps. Traps that have to do with chemicals they eat and eventually die which I imagine is a lonely death. #conflictedvegetarian  

Yoga, heart and MIND. Awesome article:  Yoga: Changing The Brain's Stressful Habits

"It may sound like magic that posing like a proud warrior or a crow could have such extensive effects, but it's not magic.  It's neurobiology.  This next statement may sound to you either profound or extremely obvious, but it comes down to this: the things you do and the thoughts you have change the firing patterns and chemical composition of your brain.  Even actions as simple as changing your posture, relaxing the muscles on your face, or slowing your breathing rate, can affect the activity in your brain (beyond, of course, the required activity to make the action).  These changes are often transient, but can be long-lasting, particularly if they entail changing a habit."




"The body is an instrument which only gives off music when it is used as a body. Always an orchestra. And just as music traverses walls, so sensuality traverses the body and reaches up to ecstasy."- Anais Nin 




I'm going through huge transition. I can't help but feel torn, broken, shredded to a thousand pieces. My heart is raw. This quote ran across my newsfeed on Facebook and I'm so happy and grateful to have run across it.

"Being in transition doesn’t mean you’re broken. It means you’re breaking away from the old, the world that no longer fits you. It may seem as though there are big gaping holes in your life. But it takes some room to spread your wings." - Tama J. Kieves

I'm happy that I've run across it, because no matter how much I've learned to trust and let go- my mind darkens. My heart closes. I see the victim surfacing, I feel resentment and anger mixing into a toxic elixir. The darkness leaves me feeling broken. 

Breaking away means letting go though. It invites new energy into your life. My past experience shows that more grace flows through me when I let go. May I earn all my current and future gray hairs with grace. 

the present moment is all we have




The new caretakers of the Earth will come from the West, and those that have made the greatest impact on Mother Earth now have the moral responsibility to remake their relationship with Her, after remaking themselves ~ don Antonio Morales, a master Q'ero Paqo.

This is part of the Incan prophecy and this prophesied time is here. It is time for us to remake our relationship to our Earth. to change the way we live with Her. For the Condor, the world of the heart, to fly again in the same sky as the Eagle, the world of the mind.

This morning , I open open open my heart and step forward with my heart and mind together to greet the day.. this is the beginning of a life lived in Munay.. this unconditional love accompanied by our conscious will, that is our birthrate.

all my love and no fear i greet this day!

deepest munay to you all.. 
good morning!!!

©2014 the road to Q'eros messages from the Andes.